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por Oldfox, em 13.09.09

A LISTA do Booker

Wolf Hall, Hilary Mantel (Fourth Estate) 4/5
The life and times of Henry VIII's marriage-fixer, Thomas Cromwell.
"A beautiful and profoundly humane book... Mantel is one of our bravest as well as most brilliant writers." (Olivia Laing, Observer)
The Little Stranger, Sarah Waters (Little, Brown) 4/1
Supernatural goings-on in rural Warwickshire, 1948.
"Full of sly fun and lovely comic observation." (Robert McCrum, Observer)
Summertime, JM Coetzee(Harvill Secker) 6/1
The final volume in two-time Booker winner Coetzee's trilogy of fictionalised memoir.
"Compelling, funny, moving and full of life." (Thomas Jones, Observer)
The Children's Book, AS Byatt(Chatto & Windus) 8/1
A sprawling family epic. "Contains magnificent things, but turns into a history lesson." (Adam Mars-Jones, Observer)
The Quickening Maze, Adam Foulds(Jonathan Cape) 16/1
The madness of poet John Clare.
"A dazzling historical reconstruction... bewitching sense of place." (Olivia Laing, Observer)
The Glass Room, Simon Mawer(Little, Brown) 10/1
Czech high culture and the Holocaust.
"A rare thing: popular historical fiction with integrity." (Ian Sansom, Guardian)
• Odds by William Hill

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